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Narrative therapy involves disentangling people from problems and looking at your story from different angles.  We might break it down into smaller pieces so that you can re-author it without the problematic aspect playing a leading role.  There are many different stories you can tell about your life and we can work together to find the most satisfying one for you to be able to live the best way you can. Your story may be exploratory, about reducing the influence of the problem and/or a story about making changes.

In addition to talking, you may find creative ways of representing your story.  For example, through music, artwork, photographs, writing etc. However, this does not mean that you have to use these other methods of expression.  It is an invitation which you are free to accept or decline.  All ways outlined here are valid.  A pace for this work will be negotiated and agreed at the start and reviewed in each session or, whenever required.

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